Axis Grocery System V2.0

Axis Grocery System V2.0 is simple , secure and complete grocery system. It is configured to handle your store’s high volume inventory and transaction frequency . It keeps track of your inventory and find out what the best and worst selling products are.

You can also provide different membership discounts , see customer loyalty points . You can use existing barcodes or create your own customized labels and shelf tags. We ensure fast and continuous customer checkouts.

The system will be designed in such a way that the user will find it simple, user friendly and customers’ need oriented.
The softeare will consist of Billing server, Billing Client and E-Commerce Solutions.


Product, category and brand management

Low stock alert

Inventory management

Expiring in 1, 2 and 3, Month Report

Expired Item Report

Sales management, Customer management

Membership management, Customer management, Customer relationship management (SMS, Email) Purchase and Supplier management

Account (Receipts, Ledgers, Journal Voucher, Trial Balance , Debit Note, Credit Note, Contra Entries)

User Management

Backup and Restore


Bill Bar Code Integrated

Bill with Product Search, Expiry Date Selection

Receipt Payment Options (Cash, Cheque , Esewa , Card , Credit)

Product Stock Quick View

My Sales List with Payment Type Summary


If the client would like to take the store in online platform in future, we will help to integrate the system. The price is not included in quoted pricelist, but if asked then we will provide the quotation pricelist separately.

Some Screenshots of the Software

Details of product

List Products From Supplier (Useful for recorder)

Expiry Alert

Billing Screen

Sales and Return Summary

Send Bulk Email and SMS