Clinic Management Software

Clinic management Software is is innovative and optimized solution for clinical use that dramatically increases any clinic efficiency and service levels through automation.

Reasons to choose Clinic Managment Software:

  • Optimizes the communication flows between hospital departments, physicians and nurses
  • Improves patient outcome and reduce medical errors
  • Reduce humand dependency
  • Enable paper-free Clinic
  • Allows immediate access to patient medical history, and critical data and images
  • Minimizes the number of cancellations and delays
  • 30 minutes to create an appointment


Advanced Calendar and One Click Appointment

You can create an appointment for any new or existing customre in just 1 click.


Vitals Management

Add / Edit vitals applicable to your clinic and record them for customers.


Interactive Dashboard

This Module allows users to add the purchases from suppliers and manufacturers and its details.

Patients Summary in One Screen

Get Complete summary of a patient in one screen.

customer-summary customer-summary customer-summary

Quick Billing

Complete Accounting Module

A very user friendly accounting module


Complete Lab Module

A very user friendly EB Creation system

Complete Lab Module

Inbuilt Pharmacy Module and billing for medicines

Doctor Managment

Management of doctor, their availability and their commission.

Inbuilt CRM Module

  • Mass Emails
  • SMS Notifications
  • Email Notification
  • Birthday and Marriage Anniversary Wishes
  • Offers Notification
  • Leads and Customer Managment

Other Features

  • Web Based system
  • Backup and Recovery
  • Multiple company Support
  • Real time stock level
  • User activity Tracking
  • Nepali and English Calendar Support
  • 24 / 7 availability