Sales Aide

Sales Rep Empowering and Tracking Application


It helps  sales rep to 

1. See their assigned scheudle .

2. Get the latest promotional materials

3. See  the topics to be discussed to the doctor ( customer ) .

4. Get feedback from the doctor about their product 

5. Take orders

6. Save and Send

Features for Marketing Manager / Boss 

1. Provide schedule for individual sales rep

2. Provide promotional Materials 

3. Set the topics to be discussed to each doctor

4. Get the live feedback provided by each doctor. 

Other benefits

1. Power your sales rep with latest information of the customers they are going to visit

2. Track your sales rep by knowing where they were at the point of time

3. Sales person’s attendance tracking will no more be a problem.

4. Daily activity tracking of Sales Rep.

5. Graphical Reporting of sales rep performance